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ABNT NBR 8614Brazil: Válvulas automáticas para recipientes transportáveis para 2 kg, 5 kg e 13 kg de GLP
AutogasAcme, Bayonet, Dish, Euro[3]
DIN 477-1 No. 4Deutsches Institut für Normung
EN 15202EN 15202:2012 (G.1-G.66): LPG equipment and accessories. Essential operational dimensions for LPG cylinder valve outlet and associated equipment connections
EN 417European specification concerning non-refillable metallic cartridges for liquefied petroleum gases.
IS-8737India: Valve fittings for use with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders of more than 5 liter water capacity
KHK S0126Japan: Liquefied petroleum gas container Valve design / manufacturing standard KHK S0126 (2014)
SAEFSAE International
SANS 10019:2011South African Bureau of Standards: Transportable pressure receptacles for compressed, dissolved and liquefied gases — Basic design, manufacture, use and maintenance
SNI 1591 : 2008Indonesia: Forms, materials and components, construction requirements, quality requirements, and test methods of LPG steel tube valves.
UNEFUnified Thread Standard

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