We (my wife Margriet and I) have been traveling overland for over three years since 2013. When we were researching paperwork for entry of countries and driving our car in preparation of an overland trip from Australia to the Netherlands we felt that we were reinventing a lot of wheels. Many information sources are available, but we didn't find a spot with all information in one place. Therefore I developed a simple tool to find and share information about travel paperwork.

The tool had to meet the following requirements:
  1. Easy to find and share information on computers as well as tablets and smartphones;
  2. Cover requirements to stay in countries as well as special areas and requirements to drive an own vehicle;
  3. Offer overviews, details for entry documents and vehicle related documents, links to official information and links to traveler experiences.
More background information of our trips can be found at, a blog (in Dutch) at http://www.DeEinderVoorbij.nland a large collection of video clips on Youtube.